Online AED & CPR Training Done Properly

Find out why so many of our customers rely on our online training solution.

Benefit from Online AED & CPR Training

AED/CPR training is fundamental to a well-run AED program. Unfortunately, it can be logistically and financially challenging to manage, particularly in high-turnover organizations. CardioReady Training™ is an online AED/CPR training class that enables you to:

  • Save money
  • Train more people
  • Take the course and exam at your convenience
  • Retake the exam more than once
  • Eliminate logistical challenges of scheduling training classes
  • Manage training completion status
  • Review refresher course
  • Receive a certificate of completion

Core Course Objectives

  • Saving More Lives
  • Good Samaritan Protection
  • Ease of Use for the Layperson
  • Seamless Integration
  • Cost & Time Savings

How It Works

CardioReady Training presents AED/CPR training with uniform quality and uses a standardized learning assessment with test results displayed immediately following completion.

The course includes training on the following topics and includes a section for skills practice:

  • Scene Assessment
  • Adult CPR/AED
  • Infant CPR/AED
  • Two-Person CPR

Steps from purchase-to-completion:

  1. Purchase the number of required licenses.
  2. Click on the invite sent to you via email.
  3. View the video.
  4. Take a brief multiple-choice questions assessment.
  5. Receive a certificate of completion.

If you don’t pass, you will be prompted to retake the assessment.

When responders belong to organizations participating in our AED program management, their passing training records are seamlessly ported to our system. Trainees can also take advantage of a brief six-month refresher.

The synchronized approach of CardioReady Training greatly reduces your workload and the potential for gaps.

Affordable AED & CPR Training

Each yearly license costs only $14.99. The cost includes:

  • Access to online training videos
  • Exam
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to refresher training video

Hands-On AED & CPR Training

Should you prefer a more traditional, nationally accredited hands-on training course using manikins and AED trainers, please reach out to your local provider.

Many organizations find adding CardioReady Training one year after their traditional training date enhances responders’ confidence and performance when responding to a medical emergency.

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